Proofreading Services

My entire professional career has been in writing, so I wasn’t sure that I needed any proofreading services for my website. However, I was very happy that I had Sally look over my site. She gave me specific, detailed edits that comply with Chicago Manual of Style–which helps my website have a cohesive brand voice. She also made suggestions to improve the site overall. It’s so helpful to have another professional review your work! I would definitely work with Sally again on future projects.

-Pam Farley, Diffuser Lady

What types of projects do I proofread?

  • Ad copy
  • Articles
  • Web content and blog posts
  • Business communication
  • Short-form e-books
  • Emails and campaigns
  • Personal documents
  • Pitch letters

I Read Your Content Four Times

  1. On paper
  2. On screen
  3. Aloud
  4. Backward (Starting from the end and reading toward the beginning.)

I carefully read every word you write for:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Formatting
    • Spaces, page numbers, margins, titles, subtitles, sections, etc.
  • And style
    • The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook are the most commonly used. Please let me know if you use a different style guide.

If I find extra spaces or duplicated words (e.g., the the), I’ll call them out in comments inside the document. If you accidentally omit a word, I’ll let you know in the most helpful way possible. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

I’ll return your documents with suggested corrections and comments. You may choose to receive a “flattened” version (with all changes incorporated) or a marked-up version (so you can accept or not any edits). Either way, it’s entirely up to you whether you include any or all of the suggested changes. After all, the content is yours, not mine.

How I Do It

No matter the length of your document, I will always print, proofread, and mark-up a paper copy of your written work. Antiquated? Maybe. But, the truth is our brains process digital content differently than words on a printed page. Therefore, I will always proofread a hard copy* and a digital version of your work. (* Printing costs might apply.)

The most common means for marking up electronic files is to use one of the following:

  • Microsoft Word Track Changes
  • Google Docs Comments
  • A PDF Markup App
  • If you’re an Apple user, please let me know.

How Much Do Proofreading Services Cost?

Basic Proofreading $.011 per word or approximately $3 per manuscript page* 

(Includes checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, style guide, omitted words, word usage, and general formatting.)

Fact Checking and Research: $35 hour

Anything else is negotiable.

How Long Does It Take to Proofread Content?

It depends on the project and the length of the content. Below are guidelines to give you an idea:

<1,000 words – One-to-two business days

1,000-3,000 – Two-to-five business days

3,000-5,000 – Five-to-six business days

>5,000 – Let’s talk about it.

Rush jobs (with applicable fees) are possible, but not recommended. I prefer to read your content thoroughly instead of quickly.

How to Get Started

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Complete the project questionnaire.
  3. I’ll contact you once I’ve read your answers to the questionnaire.
  4. You’ll sign a contract and statement of work, which spells out agreed-to rates and deadlines. Then send it back to me. (A down payment might be required.)
  5. You’ll send your electronic file(s) to me.
  6. I’ll quickly review your file(s) to make sure I can open them. I might have more questions for you at this point.
  7. I will proofread your content four times using a nine-step process.
  8. I return a marked-up version of your file(s) to you.
  9. Full payment is due once you receive my proofreader’s comments.