Ask for a "Quick Pass" if you desire someone to read over your shoulder, so to speak, to let you know if you're on the right track. We call this a "quick pass."
In a quick pass review, we give you "big picture" feedback. We won't pick apart words or sentences or formatting. We'll simply let you know if you're message is on track.
After your document has been thoroughly copy-edited, then your writing is ready to be proofread for quality control.
Our Quality Control service includes reading your document four times: on screen, on paper, aloud, and backward. We follow a nine-stage checklist to ensure we cover all the details.
We assume all your facts are accurate. If you'd like us to double- check titles, addresses, phone numbers, dates, locations, etc., please ask for Deep Work services, too.
Deep Work proofreading includes the Quality Control services plus the following:
  • Create a style sheet
  • Research facts for accuracy (aka, "fact checking")
Deep Work services may be requested as a stand-alone service or in addition to Quality Control service.
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