How to Proofread to Avoid Embarrassing Errors

Push The Magic Button

Reading my written work aloud is how I proofread when there’s no one else around to proofread for me. But, recently I discovered something magical. The easiest way to find misspellings, missing words and misplaced commas in your written content is to simply CLICK PUBLISH on your WordPress blog. The PUBLISH button magically reveals your typos and errors for all the world to see in just one click.

Of course, I’m kidding. But, please tell me this happens to you, too.


Writers Need Someone Else to Proofread

Even though I’d carefully








and re-read every word within this post, I missed a few typographical mistakes; 5 to be exact. (But, who’s counting?) Of course, they were clear as day AFTER I clicked PUBLISH. It was the day the proverbial straw broke my back. “Uncle!” I cried. “I need a proofreader.”

Wear the Best Fitting Hat

Anyone creating online content is challenged to wear a variety of hats–writer, editor, photographer, designer, marketer, social media manager, etc. But, rarely do we do all those things equally well. That’s not an excuse. It’s an admission. Proofreading my own work is tricky because my brain lies to me, leading me to believe my content is error-free.  Slim chance. I need a proofreader to find typos I can’t see after working so closely with the text.  Grammarly’s app extension for Chrome and Safari is the perfect solution for me.

Proofread Social Media Content

Grammarly’s free app is the “second pair of eyes” I need to look over my blog posts, check my spelling, word use, grammar, and punctuation–especially when there’s no one home to ask. It also proofreads Facebook posts, Gmail, and Pinterest copy. How often have you edited your Facebook post or reply because your transposed letters or left out a word? I do it all the time. But, now I have Grammarly to watch my back, so to speak, when I’m posting to Facebook, Pinterest, and writing an email in Gmail.

Grammarly makes it easy to focus on writing

It’s Not Your Grammar’s Spell Checker

(That’s probably not an original pun, but I’m using it anyway!)

Grammarly is more robust than a spell-check app. It’s a proofreader and grammar-fixing tool.

Grammarly explains the app like this:

★ Contextual spelling checker: Grammarly detects correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. The app will alert you if incorrectly use homophones like lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay,
there/their/they’re and many other commonly confused words.

★ Grammarly is a grammar checker that can fix hundreds of complex grammatical errors, including, subject-verb agreement, article use, and modifier placement, to name just a few.

★ As a proofreading app, it points out missing and incorrect punctuation, including:

  • subject-verb agreement
  • article
  • modifier placement, to name just a few.

Grammarly We Roll Along (Follow the Green Dot)

If you use Yoast SEO on your blog, you probably strive to keep the “readability” and “SEO” dots green. Grammarly uses a similar visual cue to let you know if your writing is good-to-go (green dot) or if you should stop (red dot) to correct something. In case you think the red dot interferes with your writing mojo, I say it doesn’t. Grammarly catches errors on the fly, making it easier to write it right the first time.

I Like Grammarly Proofreader So Much I Became An Affiliate

Grammarly’s proofreader simplifies all my writing work. It catches the errors and typos that I’m blinded to after working so closely with various pieces of text for hours, sometimes days. I honestly recommend it to anyone engaged in any kind of writing. The app extension for Chrome or Safar is free.

You can download it here. Give it a try–and PLEASE let me know how you like it.Grammarly-logo-125x125

P.S. If you fall in love with Grammarly, too, sign up to be an affiliate through Share A Sale.

P.P.S. I am an affiliate only for products and services I buy and use. I am an affiliate for Grammarly and Share A Sale.

4 Replies to “How to Proofread to Avoid Embarrassing Errors”

  1. Yes, I use Grammarly for my back up proofreader too and recommend it!!

    1. That’s great, Alicia. It’s a true timesaver! (I might gift the premium version to my college student 🙂 )

  2. I too read out loud my post before hitting the publish button, and Grammarly has helped as well. I hope it makes me look smarter!

    1. It’s a time-saver for me, Yvette. My college student/son uses it for his courses. It makes the difference for him. (You look smart :D)

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