No Regrets

I Can’t Believe I Fell For It

I can’t believe it!

I believed there are people out there who know better than I what or how I should write. Why is it I can fearlessly talk to felons and addicts and ex-Biker Club members with more confidence and ease than I can communicate here?

Do you see a problem with that?

I fell for it.

I fell into the world of thinking small, of putting God in someone else’s box, of believing that I don’t know what I’m doing. Well, there’s that. I don’t know what I’m doing.  And that’s the point. Until I start writing–really writing, I’ll never know.

Let’s Blame Seth Godin

This video interview shook the fear out of me. What is it about Seth Godin’s perspective that makes everything so clear? I say it’s his unwavering conviction to “just do it”.

Not like Nike would. But, like Seth would.

Like you and I should.

This is a blog (with affiliate links). It’s not rocket science or earth-shattering (probably) or  life-altering news. No one should die after reading these posts. (Speaking of reading, Seth has written 18 books. Tribes is one I read and recommend.)

No more fear.

Create your art! (And I will too.)


New System

Consider this a note to myself and a manifesto to you, if you need one:

I will write here every day frequently. You might not find pinteresting images or tweetable quotes, but you’ll find words that come from my heart. Authentic, somewhat half-baked, maybe. But, they’ll be true.  I will make mistakes. Posts will have typos. Misspellings. Poor Grammar (because I use the free Grammarly app when I really need the paid version.) And I will be fearless.  Not hurtful. Not rude or inconsiderate. Just fearless.

No Regrets

Mark Batterson states in his book  If that we carry more regret for what they DIDN’T do, rather than what we did do. I will not go to my home in heaven regretting that I didn’t

  • write that book
  • write that post
  • spend those hours talking deeply with my sons
  • dropping everything to go hunt for adventure in the mountains

I won’t!

Will it matter if my posts don’t rank for SEO or the links are broken or the images aren’t pinned, tweeted, or shared.

No. It won’t matter.

I’m no longer going to concern myself with whether or not I have a pinnable image or a tweetable quote. Do I want those things? Yes. Will I die if I don’t have those things? Lord, Almighty, I hope not.

I’ve been listening to too much advice. Have you done that?

Horse Packers

I should have learned this lesson about 27 years ago on a backcountry backpacking trip. That’s when my husband I (mere kids at the time) learned that horse packers cannot judge distance. Or they just don’t care ‘cuz you’re walking and they’re riding. Try it. Ask a horse packer how far it is to the next lake (because you’re dying without water and you really need to know.) They’ll say, “Not far. About a quarter mile.”  Try it. I dare you.

Have you lost your way by asking too many people for directions? Guess what? They don’t really know either.

Back On Track

I don’t know what this blog is about and if one more person tells me I need to know my “why” or “my message”…stand back.

Take Heart

I don’t intend to write pithy posts. I’m an introvert. I don’t do pithy…or small talk.

So that’s it.

New mission: to be fearless. To write. To create. To not regret.

Over and out.

One Favor

Please hang around to see what develops. I don’t know what’s coming. But isn’t that what adventure is all about?


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