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Why Hire a Proofreader?

Because our brains lie to us.

No one knows your writing as you do.

You’ve poured your heart into your words and chose each one carefully. You painstakingly constructed sentences and paragraphs and full chapters. You’ve made your changes, edits, and tweaks. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and feel confident it’s time to publish. Although, you’re still wondering if you should have another person read your content. But, you resist inviting a proofreader to read your writing because no one knows your writing better than you.

And that’s why you need a proofreader.

The truth is our brains lie to us. Studies show that our brains not only rely on what we see but also what we EXPECT to see. Yes. Our brains lie, telling us what we think we want to know.

I will tell you the truth, so you’re confident your writing is flawless.

Invite a proofreader who’s unfamiliar with your content to review it. Ask a professional who hasn’t read your blog post, marketing literature, or book before; someone who doesn’t know what to expect. That way each word will be read without expectations or anticipation. A trained proofreader spots extra spaces, duplicate words, typos, inconsistencies in style, and ommissions that you overlook.

I’m ready to help you publish flawless content.

Proofreading Versus Editing

Proofreading and editing are commonly confused. The terms seem interchangeable, but they are not. Here’s what I mean:

Editing, or copy editing, is the process of refining your concepts, ideas, message, voice, structure, etc. When you work with an editor, you will still work through the creative phase. Once you’re satisfied with your content, invite a proofreader to read your writing for a final review.

Proofreading follows editing. It’s the final phase of publishing your written work. A proofreader accepts that your article, blog post, essay, or copy in your brochure is just the way you want and now it’s time to make sure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style are correct. A range of other tasks might happen in this phase, like fact-checking, indexing, or creating a stylesheet if the editor hasn’t already made one.

How to Work with a Proofreader

Working with a proofreader is simple. Read this page to learn how easy it is to get started and what to expect.

Click Publish with Confidence

You’re tired of looking at the same post again and again.

Your impatience grows.

You desperately want to publish your web page or blog post.

But, you want to be sure this post you’ve worked so hard on, the one you think will score big with your readers–and their readers–is error-free. Already you’ve made umpteen million edits, and you’re struggling to see if you have found the typos, transposed any letters, missed a comma, or forgot a paragraph indent.

Are all the links working?

Are the images in place?

Does the opt-in form work?

Stop. Let me help you.

I’ll read your content four times, so you don’t have to.

Get all the details right here!

Sally did an awesome job proofreading my website content.
Not only was she able to meet my tight deadline, but she made suggestions that reflected a good understanding of the purpose of my website and my field. Every suggestion that was made was spot on. 

-Brandy Scott, One Last Read

I’m your beta reader.

When you spend intense time thinking about a topic–one you know very well, it’s easy to forget that your readers might be learning about the subject for the first time. The points that are crystal clear to you might seem foggy to the reader. In this case, I’m your test reader. I’ll read through your writing to let you know if your message is coming through clearly, then I’ll note what’s not clear to me. Make sense? If you want me to re-cast sentences to help you clarify your message, you can let me know either before or after this point. Deal?

Ask for proofreading services today. New clients receive your first 500 words FREE*.