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A Steady Love Story

“She chased me until I caught her.”

The nurse giggled at my father in-law’s short-and-clever description of how he and my mother-in-law joined in marriage 56 years ago. He was a submarine sailor stationed in San Diego, CA, and she a simple Missouri farm girl who adventured west with her sisters. Not until they met a thousand miles from home did they learn they were born two weeks apart, two towns apart.

Remain Steady In My Name

I’d like to tell you that my in-laws lived to please the God of the universe. Frankly, they didn’t. Neither desired a relationship with Him. But, God steadily pursued their hearts through their children and grandchildren whom He saved by His grace and mercy. He keeps us as steady witnesses in their lives. He asks us to be steady: don’t run hot-and-cold or be like chaff in the wind. He said, run the race I set before you and do it in My Name.

In the end, in His mercy, He placed my mother-in-law in a faith-based hospital, where scripture adorns the walls, and the computer monitors display screensavers with encouraging words. God’s fingerprints are all over this place.

Comfort Care

Donna, the chaplain, pays a visit. She listens compassionately to the family’s concerns then prays over my mother-in-law while she rests. Curative care transitions to comfort care. God alone sustains her breath.

Reach her in her dreams, I plead silently to God. Let her know your amazing grace. Usher her into your kingdom, I beg You. And my father-in-law, Lord, they’ll be separated forever if he doesn’t come to a saving knowledge of You. Please be a steady presence in his life.

God Has No Bounds

Sitting in ICU on that sweltering day, I’m grateful to be a part of their love for one another, but I wish they’d let God in. It wasn’t that way. Still, God has no bounds, and His promise of love is steady and enduring. He’s given me the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. My heart tells me He chased her until she caught Him. One day I’ll know for certain.

Reach Out If You Need Prayer

If you have people in your life who don’t yet know the saving love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ, don’t give up. His Will for us is always good and perfect. Be steady. Pray without ceasing. Trust Him in all things. He’s the steady Rock and our Fortress. If you need prayer today, please reach out privately here.

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8 Replies to “[#FMF Link-up] Steady Pursuit Until the End”

  1. What a sweet story of how your in-laws met. A 56 year marriage is a real accomplishment these days!

    1. Thank you, Beth. They do have a sweet story. Their children benefited from it, too.

  2. I love the picture of them. Such happiness. And their story sounds like one I’d love to hear them tell. So many of us miss the boat on that one true love and I am so happy for those who do find it. 🙂 My dad’s mother, GrandMoore, never knew God until the day before she passed. There’s always hope. 🙂 I’m #38 at #FMF. If you enjoy reading posts where someone goes off on a major tangent, then come on over. LOL

    1. Hi, Pam. Thanks for reading. And thanks for sharing my heart’s cry that there’s always Hope. Always. I don’t mind a good tangent now and then. I’ll pop by! -Sally

  3. Sally, this is beautiful. As you said, God knows no bounds. His word tells us neither death nor life can separate us from his love. Hold to his hope. It is steady.

    1. Thank you, Debby.
      He’s limitless. I know. I will keep holding to his hope. See you at Five Minute Friday.

  4. I love your honesty, here. It’s so hard when we have family and friends we love so much, who are amazing people, yet we know they still need Jesus. Thank you for your words, and your encouragement to pray without ceasing for our loved ones.
    I’m a fellow FMF blogger, at #86 this week.
    I’ll be praying for these precious lovebirds!

    1. Hello, Miccah.
      Thank you for visiting. Let’s all keep the faith and pray for those who don’t yet know the Jesus. See you at FMF!

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