On Living and Writing Imperfectly

On Living and Writing Imperfectly

Writers Build with Words.

Perfectionism. Proofreaders (and writers) easily fall prey to perfectionism. We look for the pieces that are out of place. Sometimes we’re overly critical. And I know from experience that writers shy away from editors and proofreaders for fear of criticism. I get it. I’m not entirely immune to criticism either. That’s why I’m diving straight into building this blog as I go. If I wait to build it perfectly before sharing it publically, it will never be done.

Have You Asked Yourself Am I Writing with Intent or Intending to Write?

When you operate from fear and not allow others to read your writing, you give yourself permission to intend to write rather than write with intent. You can write in secret forever and never finish what you started. Because of fear. 6

How do I know? I ‘ve been there.

The role of a proofreader is set you free from fear. At least, that’s how I see it. Knowing someone carefully reviewed your words so your writing appears flawless in the end should bring you confidence. Allowing another to guide you should give you strength to continue.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

Blogs are places we visit, gather, and share. Our homes do this in real life. Or, at least, they should. Too often we get overly preoccupied with what we imagine others will think of us if we don’t tidy up first. That doesn’t mean you can skip clearing space to make your guests comfortable. But, it does mean quit apologizing if you’ve recently moved in or you decided at 5:00 this morning it was time to pull the screaming yellow wallpaper from your walls and toss its remains into a heap in the corner until it meets its final demise. Sometimes we have to tear something down so we can build something better. A proofreader’s job is not to tear down, but touch-up blemishes in the finish like a painter touches up a freshly paint wall.

In Public Is the Best Place to Write About Living and Writing Imperfectly

As the author of this blog, I write about living and writing imperfectly in a world that calls for perfection. As a proofreader, my main goal is to bring your words safely out into the open so the world will know your voice. Let’s start our journey today. 

Endnote: This post is inspired by Marion Roach Smith’s book, The Memoir Project: A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text for Writing & Life.

Image Credit – Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay 

You may read my review of the book on Goodreads.


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