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How I Let Laundry Piles Block My View

Is rest out of reach?

It’s the last Saturday of September, which means it’s the first day of deer season. I’ve been waiting for this day. Not because I’m a hunter. But, because the house is empty. After a week of living without a clothes washer or dryer, dog sitting for a neighbor, meeting with an attorney about a living trust, and finally receiving an original copy of a death certificate needed to sell my late father in law’s RV, I lost sight of the gift of quiet that was coming.

Heavy Loads

Yesterday, I stood at the edge of tomorrow. Monday through Friday were behind me and a whirlwind of unrelated, not-very-restful tasks lay ahead of me. I asked God, “What am I doing tomorrow?” Dumb question, honestly. He tells us that tomorrow is not promised. You have today. But, you know what I heard? Another voice. One that said laundry. The weight of it, heavier than the week’s worth of clothing cast off by dirty humans–a forester, a mechanic, a wastewater treatment plant operator, and a dog wrangler (me). The dirt from the week settled into mounds so high they blocked my view of the Sabbath.

Even dogs know how to rest. (There’s always a dog involved.)

Earlier in the week, when life happened while I was planning something else, I set Saturday apart in my mind. I anticipated reading, writing, and building the first wood fire of the season in our stove. The rain was coming. The mountainside above us will get snow. The Sabbath was coming.

Do you build mountains in your mind?

But, for laundry. It piles high. It blocks my way. Is my rest on the other side of these mounds? A sly smile crept across my face. An image pops into my mind of God parting the laundry piles to make a way of escape for the Israelites. The way out is through.

Do You Build Mountains?

Meghan writes about being stuck. What is it to be stuck? Today, I blamed laundry for getting in between me and the writing and the rest I longed for. In my mind, I grew ordinary laundry piles into towering mountains. Insurmountable. Bigger than life. I stood myself in front of them, where I couldn’t see. Instead, I needed God’s vantage point to show me the way out is through.

Stand back to get perspective

Have you found yourself building a mountain when God said it’s a mere hill? Have you thought yourself “stuck,” then God provided an exit?

Thanks for reading. If this post resonates with you, I’d love to hear about it. And please share it with your friends.

This post was inspired by Meghan, who asked in an email what has you stuck?


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