Field Notes: Create and Polish (that Old Car)

This truck story resonated with me. Not because we have a car payment equal to a mortgage payment. We own all our vehicles outright.

Always have.

The Operative Word Is “All”

We tend to collect what insurance companies call “classics.” When a new-old car comes home, the agent asks if it’s going on the Hagarty policy. The question carries both flattery and embarrassment:

Oh, you have another classic.


Oh, you picked up another relic.

“What’s That?”

Truth: I married a motorhead and together we made another motorhead who has an eye for style and a knack for bringing “that old car” back to life in a way that makes people ask with a sense awe and wonder, “what is that?” He’s a self-taught, self-directed auto guy who sees great beginnings and works to create a new life for that old car.

Sally Olson, Writer, Keep creating your art so people ask with awe and wonder. "What's that?" [image - Pixabay] ford-fairlane
Keep creating your art so people ask with awe and wonder. “What’s that?” [image – Pixabay]

Create and Polish

Isn’t that what God does for us? He sees the great work He started and continues polishing us for a lifetime. Hopefully, in a way that makes people see us as transformed.

Watch and See

When your kids are young, you haven’t any idea of the art God has planted inside of them. What are their gifts and talents? What will they do in the world? Where do they fit? There’s so little information to go on while they’re young. So you watch and watch and expect good things

We’ve been fortunate to provide our sons their educational foundation at home on our ranch. We’ve made as many opportunities for them to learn and fail as we can. God does the sifting. Some life events falls through the cracks. We just keep looking for the new information left in place so we can put it to use in a good way.

So it is with everything. So it is with art.

Create and polish. Create and polish.

The Master Artist

The Master Artist spends our lifetimes creating us in His image so we can spend our lives creating art that speaks of Him.

Keep creating your art so people ask with awe and wonder. “What’s that?”

End Note

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