Copycats Are Shadows of the Original

Copycat, Dirty Rat

Back in the day, “copycat” was a nickname we gave to those who cheated on assignments or stole the “look” of someone else. Trust me. It was a label no one wanted. A scathing rhyme was written about it:

“Copycat, dirty rat

Don’t know what you’re

Looking at.”

But, it seems so many insist on being who we are not and produce work that originated in someone else’s mind. I guess we think it’s easier to morph into what we believe is acceptable instead of doing the hard work of learning we are accepted.

I understand the temptation to want what the world echoes to us is “good,” especially when we look through safety glasses to see “it” working for “them.” We think they seem happy, successful, admired.


Put together.

It’s desirable. I get it.

But, is it real and lasting?


Today, I don’t hear the term “copycat” used. I think it probably goes by another name because I see copycat-ness in all segments of life. I wonder if our latest syndrome–fear of missing out (FOMO) is what drives our decisions to want our kids to go to the same schools, to live in the same neighborhoods, to drive the same cars, attend the same churches, watch the same televised series, dress the same, wear our hair the same, or use a certain lingo.

why be a copycat when the original is so much better?

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Are we copycats or imitators or are we increasingly afraid of missing out on a thing that might not be right for us in the first place? If memory serves, I think we once called it peer pressure.

Or, as someone somewhere once said is imitation a kind of flattery?

What if we each be the best version of

who we were created to be;

Not mere shadows of an original?

But, since I write life stories anchored in what-if possibilities, I pose this question: What if we each be the best version of who we were created to be so that we compliment each other rather than copy or imitate? What if we conquer the fear of missing out by casting it out? Let’s take it on faith that perfect love casts out all fear.

Let’s live out who God says you are.

BlogHer is hosting National Blog Post Month and like a crazy person, I agreed to join. This is post #1 inspired by The Daily Post’s writing prompt “copycat”.

Do you experience the fear of missing out? Do you think it causes you to compromise who you are to so you can be “in”? Are you willing to share your thoughts about this? If so, please comment below.

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  1. I love your take on the daily prompt’s copycat, nicely done. I checked out the 31 day to blogging course and your alexa ranking as well. When I looked at the 31 day course it opened up in the same window. I’d always thought that you want to maintain your source and have all links open in a new window.

    1. Thank you. And thank you for telling me about the link. I’ll check it.

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