Keeping Company with Dogs

It’s wonderful to be among friends who enjoy reading, writing, and dogs.

But, I warn you: this is not a dog blog. My two dogs keep me company all day while the other members of my household are away working. Sometimes my thoughts about dogs and how they enrich my daily life find their way into my writing–and sometimes ON my writing.

The essays, stories, and infrequent how-to posts grow from my insatiable wonderings about human nature, how we relate and communicate. You’ll see these themes pop up.

Where to begin your journey?


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More Backstory on Sally Olson

Before starting this blog, I wrote about homesteading and gardening at Garden Valley Homestead, and I taught organization at Life Simplified and Paper Planner Examiner. And I did this while home-educating my two sons who are young adults today.

Long before I began blogging, I worked in marketing communications for Silicon Valley startup tech companies. My experience is eclectic. But, I’m a 9 on the Enneagram, so it works for me.

I write to learn and to communicate.

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll stick around.