I’m Sally. I Write About What I See.

Sally Olson

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” ― Flannery O’Connor

This Is My Writing Workshop

Flannery O’Connor said it best. Writers write to make sense of our worlds.

Writing is a way to organize chaos around us; not to say that my life is chaotic. It’s not. But, I sort through ideas and thoughts to bring some semblance of order and see solutions. Sometimes stories emerge or essays or poems.

I’m as surprised as you might be to see the finished result.

This blog is where I practice my writing skills, and share thoughts and ideas; ask questions. I might even rail on about an injustice. But, not often. I’m an optimist.

This blog is a safe place for other writers–artists, to connect. It’s really my favorite place to chat, so much more intimate than the wide open spaces of social media platforms.


The Early Days – Words like “chortle” make me laugh

Teachers often get the blame. In this case, I blame Mr. Galton who brilliantly insisted that my fourth-grade memorize Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky. He hadn’t any idea the kind of trouble he started that day.

When summertime peaked, the words from that poem ensnared Annika and me in boisterous laughter until our guts nearly burst. We were halfway through a 12-hour road trip to Klamath Falls.

Our poor parents.

They thought us cute for the first hour. But, there’s no explaining to two silly nine-year-old girls that “chortle” isn’t funny anymore. Don’t even try. There was no escaping the Rambler that day.

And so began my love of words. Even the made-up kind.

(Before I became a writer, I had a real job. Wink, wink.)

I followed my fascination for words, writing, and communicating to complete degrees in English and Information and Communication Studies. I dreamed about writing snarky, irreverent ADDY Award-winning advertising copy. I edited copy to fit newspaper column inches and spiffed-up real estate home flyers for the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest real estate company at the time. I (as part of a team) edited our nation’s laboratories’ technical proposals to the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense. That’s when I learned about the great wild burro roundup in New Mexico. I’ll never forget Sparky, the wild burro.

Poor Sparky.

I migrated south (sans burros) to Silicon Valley where I enjoyed a crazy-fast pace among the first-mover, fast-mover, IPO, and start-up crowd. I wrote copy, directed photo shoots, approved blue-line proof sheets, ran press checks, and shipped graphics to New York for a trade event, then hopped on an airplane to meet my shipment at the airport.

Go, go, go.

It was exciting…until my children were born. Then a slower, more intentional pace felt right. Today, I write for  for our rural country home in the Sierra-Nevada Foothills for the pure joy of writing and connecting with others who write. If that’s you, let’s stay in touch.