6 Techniques I Use to Calm My Dogs So I Can Write at Home

Are your restless dogs keeping you from concentrating while you write at home? Try some of these six techniques to calm your dogs so they'll wait calmly while you write.

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Some days when I working at my desk, my dogs act like rambunctious four-legged toddlers who are restless and bored. When my high-energy canines are restless, I put an end to the mayhem by making each one lay down, telling them to go in the other room or sending the dogs outside. But, that’s a worst-case scenario. Usually, we work well together because I’ve learned a few techniques to keep my dogs content while I write. Read through the 6 things I do to write at home with my two energetic dogs.

1. Keep a routine so your dogs know what to expect.

Bodie and Milo follow the same routine every day:

Exercise between 7 – 8:00 A.M.

Eat breakfast.

Come inside for a peanut butter snack.

Afterward, they relax on their beds for a few hours while I write at my desk. They’re content because they know, based on repeated experience, they’ll go outside again soon. 

2. A good dog is a tired dog. Provide plenty of run-a-round time.

“When I know I need a block of time to concentrate, I take my dogs for a good walk beforehand. It gives their minds something to do.” DebbieExercise is calming for dogs, especially for energetic breeds like my retriever and Jack Russell mix. dog Bored dogs become restless and anxious. Bonus: I’ve found that exercise plus a daily routine decreases my dogs’ tendency to ask to go out or come in while I’m writing.

It’s quiet out here in our little neck of the woods. But, any unusual activity–like another dog walking on to our property–trigger Bodie and Milo to sound the alarms! I sometimes resort to wearing headphones like these until the “threat” passes.

3. Good beds are worth having

Dogs need their own places in your home to call their own. A place to go for privacy and quiet. In fact, Debbie, a fellow writer, said when she wants her dogs to be still, she sends them to their “place.” (I’m a fan of one-word commands.) I keep dog beds in the three main areas of my home where the dogs gather with us so they have a place of their own in that room.

4. Dogs get hot and cold too

Dogs seek warm places when they’re cold and cool places when they’re hot. They’ll wander around looking for a comfortable place to rest. They’ll roam your home until they find what they’re looking for. If my dogs need to be inside, I make it easy for them to find warm and cool places to sleep.

5. Things too chew

Once in a while, I dog sit for my neighbor. Before I leave her alone I hide a treat inside an “indestructible” chew toy. Nibbling at the toy to get to the snack inside occupies the dog until I return at dinner time. The readers at Rover.com shared these tips.

Pat your pup on the back for insisting that you get up once in a while. We all sit too much–and our dogs don’t stand for it. That’s good news. You need to move. They’ll insist you do by asking you to let them out and in; fill their water dish, find their favorite toys, bring their bed by your desk so you can be a pack again. Just go with it and be grateful they want you to move.

6. Keep calm and write

Dogs tune in to your moods. If they sense you’re worried/fearful/anxious/nervous/ uptight, they’ll respond in kind. If you pace around, they might join you. If you’re anxious, they might whine too. If you’re cool, they’ll settle down too.

Please tell me about your favorite ways to keep the peace in the pack while you work from home. Leave a comment! And check out these tips from FlexJobs.

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