Give Me Shelter

Give me shelter

Where Is Home Tonight?

Please sign the rules page. Add your name to a chore list. Don’t worry about your hernia. Sweeping the floor shouldn’t aggravate it. Take your styrofoam cup with your name handwritten in blue felt pen. Move right. Shuffle the shifting pile of bedding bundles to find yours.

Refine: Five Minute Friday

Refine: The Potter carefully, sometimes forcefully, shapes the clay to give it value and lasting purpose.

Today, I’m joining the Five Minute Friday crew and writing on the prompt “refine”. The #FMF linkup happens each Friday. Visit this link if you’d like to join in.

Clay Refines Through Fire

It’s such a small word, refine. But, it takes a lifetime to understand it. So much of the last 8 years has been a refinement process for me.

Problem Solved

problems need solutions

Problems need solutions, not more problems.

When you have a problem, you want it solved. If it’s something you can’t solve yourself, an expert needs to help.

I’ve had a problem for three weeks. One I couldn’t solve myself. I needed an expert. The expert, Blue Host, could not solve my problem. …

Giving Patience

Give a fgift of patience

Applaud the women at the checkout.

She’s the one who showed up.

Your line is long because the other lines are empty because one woman showed upto face humanity today alone.

to face humanity today alone.

Be kind to her.

Give her thanks through your gift of patience.

Because she showed up.…

What Kind of Story Are You Telling Me?

Everyone Has a Story

What’s Yours?

I love my little town. It’s funky and eclectic. We have loggers and gold miners and contractors and teachers and nurses and rocket scientists. There’s no one-size fits all homogeneity on this hill. Everyone has a story.


My son came home this afternoon from his drive up the mountain to post a few bills for me and pick up a gallon of milk at Worton’s Market.…