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  • Refine: Five Minute Friday

    Refine: The Potter carefully, sometimes forcefully, shapes the clay to give it value and lasting purpose.

    Today, I’m joining the Five Minute Friday crew and writing on the prompt “refine”. The #FMF linkup happens each Friday. Visit this link if you’d like to join in.

    Clay Refines Through Fire

    It’s such a small word, refine. But, it takes a lifetime to understand it. So much of the last 8 years has been a refinement process for me.

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  • Happiness or Joy

    Happiness in tenuous because it’s tethered to circumstances that change without notice.

    Joy is consistent because it’s anchored in the dependable steadiness of an immovable Rock.

    Today, you may have either. It’s your free choice.…

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  • Problem Solved

    Problems need solutions, not more problems.

    When you have a problem, you want it solved. If it’s something you can’t solve yourself, an expert needs to help.

    I’ve had a problem for three weeks. One I couldn’t solve myself. I needed an expert. The expert, Blue Host, could not solve my problem. …

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  • Recipes Are Suggestions

    Recipes are suggestions.

    Someone spent time engaged in the meticulous working out of the precise ingredients necessary and methods for mixing so that someone like me can come along and change it without the need for meticulously working out of the precise ingredient and methods.


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  • What Kind of Story Are You Telling Me?

    Everyone Has a Story

    What’s Yours?

    I love my little town. It’s funky and eclectic. We have loggers and gold miners and contractors and teachers and nurses and rocket scientists. There’s no one-size fits all homogeneity on this hill. Everyone has a story.


    My son came home this afternoon from his drive up the mountain to post a few bills for me and pick up a gallon of milk at Worton’s Market.…

  • #NaBloPoMo
  • Copycats Are Shadows of the Original

    Copycat, Dirty Rat

    Back in the day, “copycat” was a nickname we gave to those who cheated on assignments or stole the “look” of someone else. Trust me. It was a label no one wanted. A scathing rhyme was written about it:

    “Copycat, dirty rat

    Don’t know what you’re

    Looking at.”

    But, it seems so many insist on being who we are not and produce work that originated in someone else’s mind.…

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  • I wanted to read, not write

    How the Love for Reading Sparked a Love for Writing

    [We might pursue things for a lifetime without entirely realizing it. There’s a moral to this story. I hope you will read through to the end. (Affiliate links to what I buy and use.)]

    “The Little Train that Could” is a story I cherished in my very early years.…