How to Proofread to Avoid Embarrassing Errors

Push The Magic Button

Reading my written work aloud is how I proofread when there’s no one else around to proofread for me. But, recently I discovered something magical. The easiest way to find misspellings, missing words and misplaced commas in your written content is to simply CLICK PUBLISH on your WordPress blog.…

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What The World Needs Now

Colors of Hope, Sally Olson, Love John 13:34
How do we love people who are not like us?

Maybe it’s because I was raised in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. But, the truth is, I don’t understand “racism”. I forget it exists, until it’s thrown in my face via media, including social media.…

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Find the Door to Your Write Place

Find the Door

The funny thing about writers: We want that special place where we can weave all those hidden thoughts into sentences that stretch out to reach you. We’re sure the magic can only happen in that room with that door. But, then we feel guilty for hoarding our time, then push aside our papers and pens so that something of real importance can take center stage.…

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First Post


Sally Olson_Hope_Fence Post_First Blog Post_
The first post carries the weight .(Photo: Art Wave. UnSplash)

Firsts (Posts) Leave A Lasting Impression

Blog Post Number One.

This is it.

The First Post is where I bring you into what this blog is about. It’s about hope. Yet, for months this blog’s lived quietly on the Internet, holding only a short About Page.…

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