What Kind of Story Are You Telling Me?

Everyone Has a Story

What’s Yours?

I love my little town. It’s funky and eclectic. We have loggers and gold miners and contractors and teachers and nurses and rocket scientists. There’s no one-size fits all homogeneity on this hill. Everyone has a story.


My son came home this afternoon from his drive up the mountain to post a few bills for me and pick up a gallon of milk at Worton’s Market.…

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Copycats Are Shadows of the Original

Copycat, Dirty Rat

Back in the day, “copycat” was a nickname we gave to those who cheated on assignments or stole the “look” of someone else. Trust me. It was a label no one wanted. A scathing rhyme was written about it:

“Copycat, dirty rat

Don’t know what you’re

Looking at.”

But, it seems so many insist on being who we are not and produce work that originated in someone else’s mind.…

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What Artists Can Learn From the Donner Party

5  Points to Help You Navigate New Creative Territory (So You’re Not Left Dead in Your Tracks)

Have you ever faced an obstacle in your art that sent fear racing through your veins? Maybe you’ve been called to tackle a writing project for which you feel entirely unqualified. Maybe you encountered an insurmountable block–an immovable mountain, that you later learned was a stop sign?…

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Top 5 Resource-Rich Blogs for Introverts

A Concise Guide to the Best Introvert Resources Online

Introverts are aware now more than ever before that the world values an extrovert personality style. Even though the world population is nearly evenly divided  50/50 extrovert/introvert, introverts regularly find themselves feeling forced to fit into an extrovert mold to succeed. Children and adults alike, suffer.…

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Are You Hidden In Plain Sight?

Why You Should Learn to Share Your Private Self With Those Who Care the Most

Three weeks had passed since my father’ funeral. We–my aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children gathered at my cousin’s valley home to celebrate his son’s fourth birthday with ponies and magic. My (favorite) Aunt, Lynda,knew my dad most his life.…

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How to Handle Quiet-to-Chaos Social Gigs Like A Winner

Rebounding When Your Quiet Evening With Friends Is Highjacked

It’s not my proudest moment. I confess that to you right now. Even in the midst of reading all the inspiring research in”Quiet”, (affiliate) I ignored all I’ve learned and fell back into bad habits. All it took was one person to zero in on me like a Kamikaze pilot pelting me–and my sons, with questions and comments so quickly we couldn’t get out of the line of fire.…

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